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Wanted WLP530, Got WLP540

Actually I got WY1762, Belgian Abbey II. I am used to White Labs yeast and this shop only sells Wyeast and I wasn’t thinking or I’d have remembered I wanted WY3787. The gal behind the counter must have heard me wrong since she came up with WY1762 from her chart.

In any case the place is 90miles away so return isn’t an option. I’m growing up a starter right now, I’ve got a Belgian dubbel that I no-chilled and its waiting in the jug. Anyone use 1762 and would you like to make me feel good about this switch? Any tips?

It makes good beer. It is Rochefort’s yeast. It is a bit plumbier, and emphasizes malt over the spiciness of 530/3787. It does have a nice dry, crisp finish though. I have used it a few times with good results, and a local brew pub was experimenting with it a couple of years ago. They would use it to ferment 5 gallons of their wort. I actually liked their house beers better with this yeast.

I still experiment with different yeasts, but I always go back to 530/3787. It is a great yeast.

Thanks, I looked at some other info on the yeast and it jibes with your experience. I might just like it, who knows. I do find myself getting in a rut sometimes, I’ll look at this as a fortuitous screwup.

I made a small starter and the stuff seems to ferment quickly and it drops out faster than 530. I’ll pitch it into my no-chill dubbel wort tonight. I need to double-check the OG on this wort, according to my refrac it was higher than I expected. Might turn into a BDS, in which case the 1762 would be appropriate anyway.

Let us know how it turns out. Good luck with it.

My competing dilemma on this beer is that I overshot my target gravity by 10+pts. Unusual for me, I think somehow I accidentally weighed out an extra pound or two of malt or something. in any case this dubbel came in at 1.085, a little stout for that style. Debated on calling it a BDS since the Rochefort would chew it nicely, but in the end I added water to get to 1.075. It would probably have been too dubelly for a BDS since I added D90 candi syrup and an entire pound of Special B.

Transferred from the no-chill jug to fermentor and pitched last night. The wort tasted great.

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