Wanted: Pizza Port Coffee Monster Imperial Porter Recipe

Does anyone have a receipe for Pizza Port’s Imperial Porter called Coffee Monster?

I had it while in Oceanside, California. Wow, what a great tasting porter.

I think they talked a little about it a bit when The Brewing Network
interviewed Jeff Bagby.

I really enjoyed the beer as well when I tried it at HopUnion last year. Bagby did a presentation on Dark Beers and discussed that one a bit… I actually might know where a recording of it is if you’re interested.

Chaz - hell yeah! Please let me know.


Thank you Chaz.

I think there might have been problems with converting it to MP3, at least it’s not playing correctly on my phone and I’m away from the home computer to check it out… So let me know if something is wrong and I’ll fix it. I think the wav file might have been 24bit…

Listening to it now, I’ll let you know.

I was able to listen to the entire track. While Jeff did touch on Coffee Monster, the base malts & hops weren’t discussed.

I don’t know how to get ahold of PizzaPort to ask about a recipe. I did send an email via the “contact us” link on their webpage.

Has anyone worked-up a clone yet?