Waldo Lake Info

Brewing the Waldo Lake Amber AG for the my son’s wedding, fiancée is “Amber” so we both thought it was a good fit. Questions are:
a) Read that the original recipe used Amarillo instead of Centennial for the flameout addition. Is that correct?
b) Using WY1450, does anyone have an ideal ferment temp for this brew?

I did this back in December. It is a great recipe, very easy drinking, nicely hopped without being a bitter bomb. I don’t know about the original version using Amarillo, but the Centennial works well. I’m guessing that since Amarillo is a little hard to find, they switched it up. It’s not in the recipe, but I did add 1oz. Centennials as a dry hop.
I really like the WY1450, started it in the Waldo Lake, reused it in an Irish Red, and soon in a Porter. Last time also used it 3 times before tossing. I’m considering seeing how it will do in a pale ale and a wheat ale instead of US-05 this summer. I use it at low to mid 60s, raising to high 60s for a couple days at the end- my standard ale yeast regimen.
Good Luck, hope she turns out well for you!