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Waiting for my kit and experimenting

I have ordered a brown nut all grain kit with 2# of 2 role. I am going to use some different hops (liberty amarllo golding and others). I found a hop sheet on line to help match up hops. If I need to get more hops in that grouping , have to go to the store. Looking to use 3-4 different hops for better flavor. First time experimenting!!With the grain hoping to sugar and flavor.

I wouldn’t add in to many things at once because you won’t know what your tasting. A general rule of thumb is change one thing at a time. If you haven’t made that recipe before you may want to try it unadulterated first. If your going to change it that much why buy a kit at all?

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Yes, keep things simple. You are better find out, one piece at a time, where does a flavor come from, then start tweaking things to yer liking. Sneezles61

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Create your own beer. Some paper work calculator than use recipy builder and of you go. Like sneezels. Says think out of the box

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It looks like your starting with a English Brown Ale recipe style, adding some ABV and some west coast aroma hops. It feels like the recipe style is shifting to American Brown Ale.

The Caribou Slobber kit should offer some insights into ingredients that work well together.

Janet’s Brown Ale may also be worth a look if your looking for additional ideas in a Brown IPA / “Imperial Brown Ale” (7.3% abv, lots of dry hopping)

When I’m in the mood to experiment, I have a number of containers that I can use to divide a larger batch into smaller batches for dry hopping, different yeasts, different steeping grains, etc.

For your Nut Brown kit, it could work like this:

  • Brew the five gallon kit, pitch the yeast and wait for primary to finish (14 days)
  • Move some of the wort into a number of one gallon containers.
  • In each gallon container, do a different dry hop.

So with a each gallon batch, you change just one thing - but have up to five different beers to taste side by side.


Sorry ,I have made this number of times, one of my favorites. I was looking at IPS’s and I saw 2 role often in the recipe. Last weekend had Dog Fish Head BPA. I was not sure what to expect from Dog Fish. I still want the brown nut flavor, but a little more hoppiness.

2 role? I’m assuming you mean 2 row? That’s simply a base malt that needs to be mashed for conversion.

Too many different hops leads to a “muddied” sense of hop flavor and aroma. If you’re making an English style nut brown you may want to stay away from the more citrusy American hops.

I use Willamette sparingly in my brown ales. You may want to look at black IPA recipes. But that’s a different animal than nutty brown.

Think there is a chart for different kind of beers. And what kind of hops to use to get the right flav

Adding to @brew_cat’s reply, Brown IPA (BJCP 2015 style) may also be worth a look. Doghead Fish Brown & Janet’s Brown are suggested commerical brewer examples of the style.

As well as Moose Drool, very dark and I suspect, Americanized! Sneezles61

Yes I met row. I was thinking of caribou slobber but, I thought it would be too dark. The hops are low in citrus and light.

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