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I use this for my lagers and I like the results. According to
what I have read, One packet should be enough for 5gal.
I did that batch before last and then re-itched that for
the next batch. I just wondered others thought. If I
AM under pitching, I wondered what bad effects it might
have. Thanks for responding.

I made two batches back to back in Jan. 1rst the packet 2nd the cake, and both were very strong especially the 2nd. I’ve done this before with 34/70 and always had great results. I think this is the same strain as Wy 2124/ WLP830, which is a very popular strain in breweries in Europe.

I am a pretty big fan of 34/70.

As far as an underpitch goes, if you are using the whole cake you would be doing a pretty significant OVER-pitch. For a 2nd batch of similar vol. and gravity you would generally need 1/3-1/2 the cake.

What temperature are you fermenting at?

If you are fermenting very low (lager temps) 1 pack for the first batch would likely be an under pitch, and the full cake for the second might not be the hugest overpitch ever.

With the overpitch you would risk some ester production, and maybe an out of control fermentation, if temps are not regulated very well.

I usually ferment at 48F 50F

That’s nice and cool. I’d say then that 1 pack may be a technical under-pitch for the first batch, but from my experience it has worked fine for me with this yeast, at that temp.

Also the effects of an over-pitch with the full yeast cake probably would be minimal.

You should be fine. But next time, try only using 1/2 the cake for the second batch.

With lagers, I tend to over-pitch. For a mid-level strength lager, I pitched two packets for the first and the entire cake for the second. Both lagers (fermented @ 48F) turned out great!

+1 to larsonj, that’s my preferred pitch rate and have done this a few times for 2 batches. Haven’t
experienced any ill side effects at all.

I always use 2 packets of 34/70 when doing lagers. I think Mr Malty suggests a pack and a half.

Several months ago I did a three gallon batch of 1.049 pilsner using one pack and it turned out great. For a five gallon batch I’d go with two packs.
More recently I did a three gallon batch of 1.056 octoberfest with S-189, I used two packs because of the higher gravity and because of it being repackaged with no best-by date and I didn’t know how old it was. I put the o-fest in the lagering chest recently and took a taste-yummy.

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