Vote!(Then drink beer.....)

Just gotta say I love this thread before it gets yanked.

Went and voted early, came home and started a Election Stout. My first all grain.
Voting and making homebrew what a great country, regardless of the turn out.

Me too! Mine has only been in the bottle for 11 days, but hopefully it will be ok.[/quote]

Mine was good right when it was carbonated. But I saved the rest for tonight. Its gotten beter with age. As it warms up I started really tasting the notes of honey. I know it only gives alcohol boost, but something in that recipe brings a rock solid honey tone.

Oh but in regards to the OP, Im unfortunately not brewing tonight. Just voted this morning, and tonight I drink! Cheers America![/quote]

Well, the first bottle was flat - very little carbonation. I will swirl the rest and hope they get better soon.

wouldn’t count on it…

Bummer deal man. Im sure itll carb up with time…

I think I figured out why this is not carbing much (I do get a little sound when I open the bottle) - my basement does not get above 64 this time of year. If the bottles are conditioning in this cold of a temp, will the carbonation still happen - just take longer? OR is it not going to carbonate at all?

It should just take a little longer right? Someone correct me if Im wrong.