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Volume question


When I see volumes listed in recipes as batch sizes in gallons, are they listing the volume that ultimately goes into the keg (or bottles) or the volume that is should be obtained after the boil?

For example, if batch size is listed as 5.5 gallons, does that mean 5.5 gallons goes to the keg, or ultimately 5 goes to the keg after trub loss, etc. ?

Hope that isn’t too silly of a question.


It’s what the author makes it. Could be end of boil. Or packaged amount.

I believe it is mostly noted as what the end of boil amount is. Which is different than what goes into the fermenter if you leave the trub behind. And still different from what goes into the bottle/keg/secondary if you leave the yeast cake/trub behind.

Find the number that works for you. :wink:

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