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Vols co2

Here’s a question for you guys. I’m experimenting with co2 levels and find that I’m enjoying the beers I have on tap now with a knocked back carbonation. The ESB is about 1.8 Vols. And the IPAs are down to about 2 Vols. That’s what they are in the keg at I tend to let them gas off a bit in the glass. I used to think thanks to the American lager days beer should be more carbonated.

What’s the question? :wink:

But yeah due to the fizzy American Lagers many enjoy their beers with more carbonation. I’m middle of the road. 1.6 volumes is too low and 2.8 is too high. 2.3-2.4 is my ideal carb.

Someone did just ding me on a German Hefeweizen with 2.7 volumes by telling me it needed more carbonation though… :smirk:

I"m basically set for 2.3 vols. Most of the beers I brew work well here, but If I brew my tripel, I will carb to a higher volume, or to a lower volume for something like a winter warmer, etc. I rarely dip below 2 or go over 2.5.

I will note that I do enjoy many of my beers before they’re fully carbed. I estimate they’re probably around 2.0 at that point.

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Thats what I’m sayin

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I bottled carbed a dry Irish stout to 1.8 volumes. May have done something wrong with the brewing but it doesn’t have the typical dry of a dry stout. Tastes and feels more like Guinness draught in a can.

I experimented this morning with adding enough table sugar to bring the CO2 volume up +1.8 to see if it makes a difference.

That’s why I said it. :wink:

So your saying what I’m saying. Well said

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So you opened a bottle added sugar and recapped?

That’s what I did. Had a lot to do today so I didn’t go through the math for sugar dissolved in water. Just added a bit over a level 1/4 teaspoon of granules. Necessary to work fast doing this. Each granule becomes a nucleation point. About two seconds to get a new cap on before foam exits the bottle.

Experimented with six bottles.

I do think they would kick me out of the country if I visited over the pond. Flat, warm beer. No thanks! :yum:

Think of it as lightly carbonated and cool. What temperature do you normally have your beer

You know, I haven’t looked at a carving chart… THATS IT… DAMN AUTO CORRECT!!! Anyone how to turn it off?:rage: Never mind… I do enjoy my brews cold, 35 and CO2 set at 12… I sometimes suspect its getting just a bit more edge from extra CO2… Just me or… Sneezles61

Many people ask why their beer has an unpleasant bitterness to it. I suspect over carbonated. carbolic acid o think it’s called. Do you drink ESB like that?

Usually around 44°.

Some might call that warm. What is your regulator set to?

Well I store it at 34°-35° and at 8psi. But I will let it sit a minute before serving.

I enjoy my ESB with a frothy head… A glass of brew without much froth… it just isn’t much for eye candy… The cold seems to hold that frothy head longer… Don’t forget the wheat… I haven’t played much with carafoam tho… Sneezles61

I have plenty head on my ESB even at lower carbonationUploading…

50deg 10psi about 1.8vols

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