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Visitor from the UK

My wife and I will be coming to the US for an extended road trip holiday between the 18th September and the 29th of October this year. its a long period and I’m not sure how well I will cope without doing some home brewing for so long - already getting withdrawal symptoms just thinking about it. :frowning:

My wife is American and hasn’t been home for some time.

We expect to be traveling between Tulsa, Memphis, New Orleans and Nashville between approximately 8th October and 27th October before traveling back to the UK from Atlanta on the 29th of October.

Do any of you guys in the States know of someone in or around those places who might allow me to sit in on a brew day, I do Brew in a Bag (BIAB) brewing and would be very interested in getting involved in that or any other method - always good to see how others do it.

Any recommendations on good Craft breweries who accept visitors would also be very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

My suggestion would be to take a look online at the home brew shops in the towns you mentioned to see if they are offering any how-to-brew sessions. Most of these group demonstrations are offered free of charge and typically take place on Saturday mornings and afternoons. If you find yourself in need of a brewing fix, it’s always fun to visit new stores and talk shop with the locals. Just a thought – hope you enjoy your trip!

Another suggestion would be to check the AHA’s website for bew clubs

in those cities and contact some clubs with your request.

I’m a few hundred miles north of Tulsa but you’re welcome to swing up and brew/drink with our gang.

If you will be going through Memphis you should stop by Wiseacre Brewing and Ghost River Brewing. Look them up online for times they serve beer, and when they do tours. They are both new and are very nice.

Many thanks for your responses,

I’ll check these out and any others I hear of.

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