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Virtual Beer tasting chat with other Homebrewers - MKE area

Myself and some other MKE area homebrewers get together online once a month to do a virtual beer tasting of a commercial beer. Using a chat room at another forum we all sample the beer and post our thoughts on it. Personally I’ve found these a great way to train my palette. Plus it forces me to try beers I might not otherwise try. It isn’t all business either, we have fun with it. However, our tasting group has dwindled down to just a few. So I’m hoping to recruit some new folks. Obviously it would be harder for people outside the Mid-west to participate due to different timezones and distribution, but anyone is welcome to join us.

If interested, reply here and I will PM you the details (not going to post a direct link here as the mods might frown on that). The next tasting will be online on 8/30 @8:30. The beer will be New Hollands White Mad Hatter. Hope to see some new faces in the chat this month


I would love to join in… but it’s going to be hard to find mad hatter out here.

This is coming up in one week. If anyone wants to join us, reply here. Personally I find it very educational and the chat room format makes it easy to find time. Hope to see some new folks in the chat. :cheers:

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