Virgin brewer

Just did my second batch. Kinda worried, my son stuck his hand in the ice bath as I was racking from boil lot to fermenter. As he pull his hand away the water, a drop landed in the wert.
Is this going to ruin it?

After reading my post… I guess I’m a virgin speller as well.

I don’t think one drop of water in the boil kettle could have enough bacteria to out do the yeast once the wort begins fermenting.

Worry is normal. Patience is difficult.


Yeah, brewed first batch last weekend… Anticipation is killing me… Was of the mind that I would be sipping it in 4 weeks. But after browsing this site I think I’ll be bottling in four weeks…
Thanks for your input.
I pray it’s works out.

I think the “sanitize everything” mantra tends to give brewers the mindset that a single microbe can ruin your beer. Really, it’s about minimizing risk as much as possible. Stuff happens. The most careful brewer probably still introduces bugs somewhere in their process. But if the rest of your sanitation was good and you pitch active yeast right away, I’d be fine with a drop of chilling water getting in.


Thanks for a little peace of mind. This batch was a Belgian ale I was really excited about.

I’m trying to remember who this said this, but can only narrow it down to “some well know homebrew author”.

“When I was a new brewer, I used to begin a brew day by sterilizing the kitchen. These days I just wipe the crumbs off the counters”.

It’s normal to be over-cautious before you get a feel for what is actually needed.


Yep, I’ve done worse and I’m sure many others can say the same thing. I managed to splash some of the chill water into the boil pot before. Beer turned out fine. I didn’t bother to tell anyone about it and I don’t remember what batch it was because I never recorded it in my notes. I do remember that I did it though because like you, I was horrified when it happened.

These days I’m standing next to the brew kettle with a cigar in hand. I just try to remember to drop the ash anywhere other than the brew kettle.

And yes, sometimes the waiting can really suck, but most beers you’re better off leaving them in the fermenter for at least 4 weeks before bottling.

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Much thanks to everyone for the feedback.
Very cool to have a place with so much experience and knowledge to draw from.
You guys are awesome…