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Vintners Harvest apricot sg question

I just did NB’s Dry Dock Paragon Apricot Blonde Pro-Series Extract Kit w/Specialty Grains and it tells me to add the can of Apricot puree to primary 2-3 days into fermentation.

My question is: is there a way to figure in the extra added sugars of the fruit to my original starting gravity?

My original gravity was 1.054 and on the can it says sg 1.036-1.048. I can’t see that I would just combine those numbers together, as that would make for around an 8 or 9% beer.

Anyone have any experience with this? It’s my first time using fruit. Thanks!

It helps to think of the SG in terms of gravity units in a situation like this, so if you have 5 gallons of 1.054 wort you have 270 GU(54 x 5). Adding the puree, assuming it’s 1 quart and assuming the average of the 2 numbers listed on the can, would add 10.5 GU(42 / 4). So your new total would be 280.5 GU or 1.056.

That’s great! Thank you for your help.
I knew there had to be a simple formula for that, I just had no idea what it was!
I will keep that in my notes for future reference.

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