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Vienna Malt v. Biscuit malt

I have caught a lager bug and am trying to figure out a way to compromise on a 10 gallon batch that will get me 5 gallons of Belgian Pale ale, and 5 gallons of Vienna Lager. I usually use 5% biscuit malt, but was thinking that using a larger portion of Vienna malt may get me the same toasty results. I have used 50% Vienna malt in a Belgian pale before, and I liked the flavor, but it was not not as malty and a bit light in color. I prefer Munich malt to the Vienna in my Belgian Pale recipe, but am not sure how the lager will turn out with the biscuit malt.

Any suggestions? I did post my recipe in the recipe section, but it did not get very many views so I am trying again in a different section.

You should be fine using biscuit in the lager, it will just be a dark vienna lager with a little more body than usual.

I think I’d brew a true Vienna lager recipe and just use that for the BPA. It’ll have the hops and spicy Belgian character out front anyway.

Actually, Belgian pale ale should be very clean and malty with just a hint of hops. Some have a toasty malt character and a hint of sulfur so they have a lager like finish. I have not tasted any fresh examples with a spicy character. Of course most of the imported examples are very phenolic which is why I make my own. If you drink them in Belgium or order some fresh, they should be very clean. If it has the usual spicy, Belgian character, I call it a blond or a Belgian amber. This is why I think the two recipes will work together. Both beers are clean and malty, I just have not used Vienna malt enough to know if it will compensate for the toasty malt character of biscuit malt.

I have decided to go with 15 Lbs Weyermann Vienna, and 5 Lbs Weyermann German Pilsner malt. I may add in 1/2 Lb Cara-Vienne. I will do a side mash/separate boil and add 1/2 Lb biscuit and 1/2 Lb Cara-Vienne to add to my Belgian pale ale.

Wyeast Bohemian Lager yeast for the Vienna and WLP 515 Antwerp for the Belgian Pale.

Saaz hops.

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