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VIDEO - All Things Yeast with Wyeast!

Yeast junkies - you’ve hit the jackpot! Owen Lingley from Wyeast Laboratories visited our Northern Brewer Minneapolis store in early 2012. Here he discusses the following (in loose order): Wyeast’s history, new yeast strains for 2012, Activator “smack” packs, yeast starter recommendations, pitch rates, temperature and flavor/ester influence, harvesting and reusing yeast, approximating yeast count by percent solid by volume, aeration, attenuation, force-ferment test, VDK testing, yeast strain selection, flocculation, and collaborations with Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply.

Dude this video is great! Really informative.

They’re a smaller operation than I thought. 26 employees…seems small right for how well known they are in the brewing community? Gonna listen to this since it’s a slow afternoon at work.


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