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Victory Otto

Kinda feel a bit cheated because of the price ($8.50 for a 750ml). I could have gotten a 750ml of Saison Dupont for less and that’s an amazing beer.

Overall, it’s not even a good dubbel. The aftertaste is far too bitter to be a good dubbel. I’m sure the smoked malt is adding complexity, but I can’t directly detect it.

Carbonation is also quite low for a dubbel AND for a corked/caged/bottle conditioned? beer.

I would be happier with this if it was in a 22oz Bomber and cost about $4.49. Or if it was just a lot better in general.

First time I’ve ever been disappointed by Victory. I did drink the entire bottle, so it’s not that bad. But not at all worth the price.

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