Viable slurry?

I brewed a vienna lager 10-17 and kegged on 11-10. I had intended to brew a doppelbock and use the yeast cakes again but it never happened.

So I still have the two yeast cakes in the fermenters under about half inch of beer. The beer still looks bright and clear.

It’s 34/70 that was a very healthy rehydrated pitch to a pils, then both full cakes were used for batches of vienna. So it’s 2 big thick cakes of 3rd gen 34/70. That’s sat at 70 degrees for a couple months.

I’m thinking of brewing and pitching another pils to it to make enough viable yeast for a bigger doppelbock. Brewer’s Friend says I should be good for a 1.054 wort based on date, 65% viability for .8L of slurry.

My only concern is that it’s sat at room temp rather than refrigerated. Would that have further negative impact on the viability?

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Since I’m not the one using the yeast, I say try it and let the rest of us know how it works.

If I were the one with the two-month-old, unrefrigerated yeast, I’d buy fresh yeast. Or, maybe make a starter from the old yeast? Nope. I’d buy fresh yeast.

I would definitely use it. I would make a large starter out of a large amount of slurry. You’ll be able to ensure its viable this way and “wake” the yeast up.

yea I’m leaning toward @loopie_beer 's suggestion. According to brewer’s friend I should be able to make a 4L starter with one of the cakes and create enough yeast for 11 gallons of new 1.054 wort. The cakes left by that should be good for a doppelbock.

Yes, I agree. Loopie is right as usual.

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If it passes the sniff test no sense wasting it. Why didn’t you jar I.

I gotta admit… I “liked” this post! :smile:

I’m lazy. I think I’ll have to assume the mantle as laziest brewer since Dave bolted. I’ll miss his lazy brewer mentoring.

Also if I’m honest the sniff test was sketchy. Had a kinda chocolaty aroma and looked kind of dark.

We’ll see how the starter ferments out…

I don’t know if you deserve the lazy Brewer award. I saw you 2015 brew list.

at least half of which were pitched to harvested yeast cakes!

So you never jar just pitch on top.? I only do that when I’m ready to go with a batch and kegging on the same day. I thought about putting the bucket and cake in th refer until ready but never have room.

Yes I do but if I can time a brew day to coincide with kegging or close I do that.

I’ve gotten some of my best beers when I’ve planned out the brews to take advantage of fresh yeast cakes. But I’ve also gotten a couple of brews that didn’t turn out as good as they should have because the harvested yeast wasn’t as fresh and viable as I thought it was.
For this situation, make the starter and then only use it if the starter fermented out well.

This one doesn’t seem to be fermenting well. Not getting much foam when i swirl it and the wort is very dark. I’m going to the LHBS to get a new pack of 2206 today. Tossing this puppy.

I like to make a starter a week before brewing, then save half in a jar and put in the fridge. Then I have some yeast to work with down the road should I screw up a cake. I have used one the was in the fridge 6 months later and I brewed a good beer! Sneezles

That’s a good idea and I’d like to do that as well but I don’t really have the capacity for a much bigger starter most of the time.

I brewed a starter yesterday for the 2206. I’ll do a 3 stage, 2L, 2L then 4L for 11 gallons of pilsner. Doing it in a 2 gallon jug and the 2L starter is close to blowing out when I swirl it. So it’s going to be pushing the limits when I do the 4L and gives me 863b cells for a target of 833b. So just about the right amount.

I’ll use the two cakes left from the pilsner for a dobbelbock. It should only need about half the available yeast cells so I’ll definitely save a bunch after the pils is done.

Ill start out and get 2- 8 oz mason jars of slurry, one to keep fer later and the other to continue on… I don’t like to keep a large amount waiting in the fridge… I also leave a cap of beer/starter on top and will use plastic with the screw band… All after cleaned thoroughly with start san… Sneezles61

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I like that plastic idea, some of my lids are getting rusty.

I just use Saran Wrap and a rubber band.

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