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% viability of yeast delivered hot

I was shipped a package of WY 1056 American Ale. The yeast pack when received was hot as was the shipping chiller. The yeast was shipped early 8/25. Received yeast late afternoon on 8/27. What per cent of the yeast would you consider to be still viable for calculating a starter?

Not enough info.

What is the date on the yeast package?

How hot is hot?

If you want to be safe, give yourself time to step the starter up 2X

Only way to know is to look at them with a microscope. Any number someone tosses out would be a WAG.

Make a starter is a good idea. Especially if you feel that 1 pack is not enough for an average strength beer to begin with.

You’re in Wisconsin? Man… don’t sweat it. The yeast is just fine, just fine. Smack the pack, and when it swells up nice in just 6-8 hours, you’ll know you’re fine.

Package of yeast was delivered pre-swelled. Chill pack was hotter than the water I start my bread yeast in. Made 1.037, 1.5 quart starter. Still hope to do my Amber Ale tomorrow.

If you are brewing tomorrow, you should have made your starter last week. 1.5qt is a mighty small starter.

Ooh, yikes… I guess that is a little scary, isn’t it. Even so, I wouldn’t worry too much. As long as your starter takes off happily I’m sure your beer will turn out fine.

For the record, I think a starter of 1.5 quarts is just fine. I often use to find out what he thinks to get a rough ballpark figure, and maybe even use half as much of a starter size, and still get really good results.

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