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Viability of Activated Wyeast Pack

I have a Wyeast pack that accidently got activated in my fridge. I’ve read enough to know that it is still fine to use. However, I’m wondering if the fact that it’s already been activated affects its viability? Normally, I use the Mr. Malty calculator for calculating my starter size which obviously calculates the viability based on manufacture date and adjusts the calculations accordingly. What I’m wondering is if I need to tweak that viability result any further based on the fact that my pack has already been activated? Thanks!

Based on my own experiences, I don’t think it’s necessary.

One other question related to this… When I was reading online, everyone seemed to agree that the pack that was already activated would be fine, but the consensus was to make a starter to “make sure.” I got thinking about this. I can obviously make a starter, but what about the starter tells me that the pack was still good? The fact that it ferments and the fact that I see yeast drop out when I chill the starter? Something else? More curious than anything. Thanks! BTW, the pack was definitely activated, but the odd thing was that the nutrient pouch was still very swollen, but empty. When I squeezed it, I could hear a very small leak. I’m assuming maybe the pouch didn’t seal good when it was manufactured and eventually all the nutrient leaked out…

Yep, if the starter ferments OK, then the yeast is OK.

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