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Very Low Final Gravity

I just finished my first all grain brew (NB Petite Saison Kit). The original gravity was 1.044 which was predicted but the final gravity was extremely low 1.000. Just finished drinking the first glass. The front end is very good, but the back end is very very dry and bitter (almost like a dry red wine) I assume is is being caused by the low gravity with no residual sweetness. What could be causing this? Thanks for any advice.

Saison yeast can take gravity very low, saisons should be dry. If brewing all grain you could try mashing at a higher temp.

As above. Looked at the obtained FG with this kit and found 1.010, 1.002, 1.006 etc reported so you are not far from average numbers. You are probably fine. To answer your question fully however a very low FG can be from infection with unintended microbes also. Most of the reviewers were raving about this kit so I might try this one down the road!

Most Belgian yeasts are highly attenuated and are yeast eating machines. I feel it’s important to hold ferm temps to mid 60’s to 68 deg for the initial ferm until high krausen is over maybe 5-10 days then let them go into the 70’s or even 80’s if you wish. You can get off hot alcohol tastes from too high initial ferm temps and other off flavors as well. To me those things ruin a good Belgian and yes that is why they are dry as that’s generally what standard is. Just IMO.

Saison is supposed to be very dry. Mine finishes at about 1.002. Finishing at 1.000 is common.

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