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Vannila beans vs extract vanilla

Wondering. If its the same. If i use vannila beans or vanilla extract. Gives it the same taste. Me use for my stout 5.5 gal. 3 beans. Soaked in vodka for 8 days. Or what now if i use extract vanilla 3 beans equals 133 ml of extract vanilla

The tincture you make doing it yourself is no different then a good quality store bought extract. IMO
I just use already made extract because it is more reliable.

My question was did ask a pastery chef. He does make vanilla cheese cake. He said. Good quality extract. No difference for the beans. I got beans but. Extract as well. Maybe gonna use beans. Tincture. Than a taste sample. Not happy. Add some extract.

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I just wonder if indeed there is a noticeable difference… You have the brew bring in the malt, hops and yeast… Sneezles61

The key is really using ‘real vanilla’ extract, versus vanilla ‘flavor’

There are ‘all natural vanilla flavor’ extracts that are not made from vanilla beans. You don’t even want to know where that comes from.

I do.

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“Most artificial vanilla products contain vanillin, which can be produced synthetically from lignin, a natural polymer found in wood. Most synthetic vanillin is a byproduct from the pulp used in papermaking, in which the lignin is broken down using sulfites or sulfates. However, vanillin is only one of 171 identified aromatic components of real vanilla fruits.[39]”
from Wikipedia

There will be in the near future a rewording of the label artificial flavors. This relabeling will not come from a health food standard but from a green standard. For example the harvesting of “real” vanilla is much more devastating to the planet, both environmentally and from a social justice point of view, than artificial vanilla. I also predict that in the near future 70% of our flavoring compound will come from labors GMOed yeasts.

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Huh… Now we enter the world real “artificial” products… because… Well, harvesting stuff… Nor dissing you Squeegee… Just find amusing how no-one ever thought about that before… Perhaps we are… softening up? Sneezles61

Haha. It takes a dump truck full of raspberries to make a few gallons a natural raspberry food flavoring. Or I guess we could just let things taste as they do and give up trying to coverup how crappy most things taste on their own.

We become more selective to what we eat?.. If it tastes bad… don’t eat it… Sneezles61

No dont think we become soft. But easier. Shopping natural or fake. Its how far we would go price wise.

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Interesting discussion; went down the rabbit hole and looked at the issues around natural vanilla and other products such as cocoa, nutmeg and the use of equatorial peoples to harvest these products…some pretty bombastic discussions re race relations, slavery, and the production of products for the western world, with a lot of entertaining “hot takes” from people on both sides of the issue…

Vanilla beans come from an orchid plant and can be grown on a larger scale in hothouses, but I believe the “natural harvesting” with oppressed poorly paid people is still the most “cost effective” means…

Ever try an Impossible Burger? Stanford researchers and now the manufacturers use brewer’s yeast to manufacture “heme Iron” (hemoglobin?) to give the burgers that typical meat taste. I’ve tried them and they are pretty darn close to the real thing. Certainly light years better than veggy burgers of the past. The price point will have to go down for these to actually put a dent in the destructive rising world intake of red meat.

disclaimer: I’m no angel(cue up Gregg Allman) I eat red meat and use all the products listed…

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I like that song… And I’m no weed wacker! Sneezles61

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