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Vacuum Transfer Pumps

I need to purchase a pump for transferring and filtering wine to and from my conicals / VV storage tanks. I will use it mostly for filtering and filling the blending tank before bottling. I already use an Enolmatic with two filters for bottling.

I was thinking of just a simple March pump but I am nervous about too much agitation after it has been fermented, aged, etc. So I started thinking about a vacuum pump. This would allow me to degas also.

My question / concern is that my final tank for blending and then bottling is a 200 liter VV SS tank. What cfm vacuum pump would I want to suck thru a 5 micron and a 1 micron filter and fill the 200 liter tank? My concern is that this is a good size tank and don’t want to get a vacuum pump that is undersized.

Any suggestions or recommendations is appreciated. Thanks!

I don’t think the size would be an issue as much as being sure you have the power to pull through the screens. The vacuum pump will continue to pull air through until it reaches a certain negative pressure which would be caused by a clogged screen or inability to pull air into the primary tank.

I use my Enolmatic to pull thru the filters all the time while bottling. No problem there.

Since I’ve been thinking about this I guess my biggest concern is trying to pull a vacuum on a VV tank that has a bladder lid. Will the lid stay in place while the vacuum pump is pulling enough to get the wine thru the filters?

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