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Vacation mid primary fermentation...what to do!?

I am going on vacation for 7 days which will be half way through my primary fermentation. Is this safe? should I be worried about excess kreusen?

Attach a blow off hose. No worries.


I’m no veteran at this, but it will be fine as long as it is somewhere where it won’t get warm. High krausen is probably already done after a few days anyway.

I’ve heard of pet sitting for vacations. plant sitting even. But you have invented a new idea… beer sitting. :smiley:

People keep fish as pets, why not just think of yeast as pets? I’m more emotionally attached to my yeast than any fish. :cheers:

^^ good advice. Actually it will be fine, the best thing you can do for your beer is leave it alone for awhile. Go on and enjoy your vacation.

Just echoing the comments of others, but if you are 7+ days into primary fermentation I can’t see any issues you might have outside of making sure the rom stays at a optimal temp. If that is not an issue I think you will be fine. Not quite the same as the first 2-3 days when you want to make sure something doesn’t get clogged and blow the airlock out etc.

More time in primary is a good thing. I’ve got a cream ale that’s been in primary for going on four weeks now that was probably done actively fermenting around Day 7. Three extra weeks will actually make it much better…

Get a Nanny cam and you can monitor from afar… :lol:

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