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Using up hops

Going through the freezer I found alot of hops I need to use up. I have quite a bit of Lublin, magnum and Kazbek left over from this seasons lager series. Also quite a bit of nugget. Centennial and Chinook but those I can bang out some IPA beers and use those up. Any ideas? Just brainstorming here.

Kazbek (with lemony notes) would do fine in a citrus forward Double IPA(Centennial and Chinook)bittering with Magnum…boom!
Lublin in a Baltic Porter, bittered with Nugget.

I’m thinking a a Kazbek Lublin IPA both lemony. I get more lemon from the Kazbek though. So maybe a nugget Lublin Kazbek IPA?

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Brew this yet?
I’m looking to get a DIPA going by this holiday weekend

No I have not but I plan to. Got a Gose up next. Then I’ll set up for my next series. I generally measure out the grains and plan out for 3 beers at a time. I need to get some more 2row I’m out. I’m sure it will be good so by all means get it in and I’ll brew if also and we can compare notes.

Our LHBS does not carry either Lublin or Kazbek unfortunately. They’re a bit limited re newer hops. So I would have to source those online for a later brew, apparently even NB doesn’t carry Them?
I need to break out and try some other hops…Czech Kazbek and Polish Lublin, sound great. How did they do in your earlier brews?

I’ve used them in lagers with nice results not really hoppy beers but did get some lemon from the kazbek interested to see how a single hop works

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