Using the right amount of yeast

so my question i do make a yeast starter a 1 liter starter for a 1.050 og beer
but i did brew yesterday a storm the bastille ale and i have been using a new yeast strain from wyeast a belguim smack pack activator so one week ago did make a starter so did some calculation using mr malty yeast calculator ok the pack says 1 bill yeast cells acourding calc i need to use 304 bill yeast cellls so made a double starter and my brew nice fermenting right now
so my question is why dont they put more yeast packages in the brewing kits when i do buy it especially when you do plan a high grav beer like my 1.088 og grav beer
kind of confusing when you are a new brewer

Yeast starters are an accepted practice among hombrewers. If NB or anyone else included multiple yeast packs in their kits that would drive the cost up significantly. Smack packs are what 7 or 8 bucks each?

Of course you could always purchase more packs if you wanted to avoid making starters. Money v Time…your choice.

thats what i have been using smack packs not the dry packs works perfect

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Yeast is the most expensive ingredient. That’s why I always save my yeast. When I need a new yeast I’ll brew a half batch and then repitch the yeast for the full 5 gal.

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Making smaller batches, or weaker beers in lieu of starters yields the best bang for the buck to me too.
Patersbier as a “starter” for a Tripel is the classic example. …and most delicious, IMO.

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so last wedness day did brew a storm the bastille ecxtract beer did add some extra oxygen and a double starter acourding calculations using beer smith yeast calculator it is still going strong now waiting till wedness day to take a grav reading