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Using SuperStructure LME as a base for brown/porter/stout?

Have you tried using NB’s SuperStructure LME as a base for a brown ale, porter, or stout?

I’m thinking it would be fun to have a couple of short brew day recipes (no mini-mash, short steep, 15 minute boil) and perhaps the SuperStructure LME would add some variety to the base recipe.

You could certainly use it. As you mentioned you would have to steep to reach your desired SRM. But 15 min boil? Assuming that you’ll add enough hops to balance it out? FWIW, I did a 30 min boil and wasn’t impressed. Beer never cleared and the flavor stability was all off. YMMV.

Thanks @loopie_beer - good observations. I’ll edit out the 15 min boil from the original question.

I suspect I can find some base recipes for doing this, but I’m curious as to if someone has already done this and is willing to share ideas.

For a porter you could steep some chocolate malt and some black malt. Use these sparingly as they can be over powering, say 1/2lb each.

For a stout just steep 3/4-1lb of roasted barley.

For a brown add some mid to dark crystal malt, English brown malt, and some chocolate malt. Maybe 1/2 lb each as well.

I’ve confess I’ve never done what you’re proposing (I brew AG) but it should work and provide an English flair.

Thanks! Those ideas look good. And and English flair to the recipes will balance some of the more “American” recipes that I have.

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