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Using rice hulls?

Hello when adding rice hulls to your grain bill does one need to take the amount of rice hulls being use into Account. meaning let say I have 10lbs of malt an I add .5lbs of rice hulls should the grain bill be counted has 10.50lbs so I can calculate the proper water to grain ratio.?

Theoretically yes although I don’t believe the hulls absorb as much as the malt although the difference would be miniscule

They do add up so if your kettle is very tight for your volume, then you need to be aware…
thats all… Folks! I just couldn’t resist! Sneezles61

The only need for rice hulls that I know of is to help prevent a stuck mash. What is in the grain bill? If your system is not prone to that, you may not even need them.

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@hd4mark I agree, they may not be needed.

Also, 1/2lb is a ton! You really only need a handful for 5gal batch or 2 handfuls for 10gal batch. I know that’s not really scientific, but with hulls you don’t really need to be.

I take them and pre-soak them. This allows them to absorb water and also aids in rinsing them. I’ve had some hulls come pre-rinsed and others that weren’t. The non pre-rinsed hulls were filthy nasty.

Thanks for the tip loopie. I’ve used them occasionally in the past by just tossing 1 or 2 handfuls in the bottom of my mashtun. I think I’ll prerinse them from here on.

I have several recipes that range between 30-50% rye, and this is where the rice hulls come in handy. My crush is definitely considered fine, and I’ve never needed more than a pound of rice hulls in a 10 gallon batch.

I’ve also never pre-soaked/rinsed them, but I think I may get into that habit.

I’m lucky with the BIAB system… no stuck mashes anymore… just saying… I did my riabock with 5 lbs of rye in a 21.5 pounds for a 10 gallon batch… OG 1.067… Sneezles61

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