Using priming sugar in a 1.75 keg

I just bought one of the 1.75 gallon kegs at NB. This is perfect for me b/c I have two 5 gallon kegs and one 3 gallon kegs. Now I can keg all of the 5 gallon batches I brew (don’t have to bottle the extra two gallons) and the 1.75 gallon is perfect to take to a party, etc.

I have always used gas to carb my kegs so this is what I am trying to figure out. I will be kegging a batch of Brickwarmer Red Ale. 3 gallons will go in the 3 gallon keg and I want to use priming sugar for the 1.75 gallon keg. Here are my questions:

  • Do I dissolve 1.75 oz of priming sugar with the equivalent amount of water?
  • I’m assuming the keg then sits at room temp, right? and for how long?
  • Is there some way I can check to make sure if it is carbonated?
  • If this works, will it stay carbonated, especially after I put it back in the fridge or do I need to connect a gas line?
  • If I go the route of connecting a gas line, what psi should I carb at?

Anything else I am not thinking of? Thanks!

Read this:

And this:

This is also handy just select the beer style (or something close) enter the temp and volume.