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Using peppers in beer?

Hello how does one used pepper’s in there beer. Meaning how would one add peppers to there beer without contamination worries?

I haven’t done it, but I’d wait for secondary, soak the peppers in vodka, and add the tincture.

Brew the base beer as normal, ferment as normal. Then on bottling/kegging day, chop your peppers in a pot, pour a few ounces of the finished fermented beer on top, boil for 5 minutes, cool, and add the flavored liquid back to the main batch a little at a time until it tastes right.

The way i do. Soak them in cheap vodka for 7 to ten days. Just enough vodka to cover the cut peppers once done. I toss everything in the secondary fermentor two weeks before keg or botteling . The pepper mix i use. Allspice. Hotpeppers Nutmeg some cinamon. It gives a nice flav

The only pepper beer I ever had was this one -

It was rather terrible. Probably the only beer I could not drink. I ended up using it for making chili.

The brewery in Duluth makes one called wildfire, and I cannot drink it! Almost like they used tobasco sauce for the water! Aint no good to burn your buds like that! Sneezles61

Check out habanero sculpin. Not really a big fan of ballast point, but this one has a really nice balance between the habanero and base IPA. I like a pepper beer, and spicy food, but too many places are taking it too far and making it unpleasant to drink.

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Whom was it that made a commercial product that had the pepper in the bottle? I did enjoy that, and sometimes when you ate the pepper it was very good… sometimes… Sneezles61

Follow my link in the post a few above yours. Cave Creek put the pepper in the bottle.

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I’ve used the Petite Saison d’ete kit, and diced peppers, then added them at the last 5 minutes of the boil, then strained them out as I transferred to primary. I did not experience any contamination issues.

I will say, I was basing this off of expanding from a one gallon recipe offered by another company. Since the original recipe was done in this manner, it never crossed my mind to do a tincture and/or add the peppers in at bottling.

For me, I got the desired effect, although the next time I do something similar, I am thinking of using a variety of peppers from different points on the scoville scale to try and get a bit more depth.

I ended up turning this one into marinade after drinking one bottle out of the six pack…It wasn’t bad, just a bit too much (but not near as much as Wildfire from Fitgers…that stuff is crazy).

Jack Pine brewery has a jalapeno cream ale called “Vengeance!” which I feel is a great example of how to do it right.

I think I’m going to experiment with a black pepper tincture in the near future.

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I use black peppercorns in canned garlic/mustard/pepper/dill pickles. Go light with the peppercorns at the start. They can develop quite a bite. I had started with 12 peppercorns per quart. The next year cut the number down to 6 to 8 per quart.

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