Using OG to estimate alcohol content of final brew

I was talking to a staff at NB recently and he suggested a way to estimate alcohol content based on his experience (and emphasized this was not scientific).

He suggested that if you put a decimal point b/w the last two digits of the OG, this will be very close to the ABV (E.g. NB’s White House Honey Porter’s OG is 1.054. Therefore, according to his method, the final alcohol content would be @ 5.4%)

Any opinions on this?? Thanks!

It works as a quick approximation, although sometimes better than others. Just don’t expect a lot of accuracy.

Denny’s right as usual it will depend on the FG for it to get you 5.4% ABV it will have to finish at 1.013, if it finishes at say 1.018 your ABV will be 4.72 %

Thanks for the recommendations!

The above estimation method is pretty darn close for most beers. In fact, using a little statistical mathematics on all of my own batches, on the average, this method comes short by about 0.1% alcohol. So for a 1.050 beer, I should expect a beer of about 5.1% alcohol, etc. There is a lot of variation in the data, but the vast majority of data points come within 0.4% of the true alcohol level, which is close enough for me.

How did I never realize this?!

I mean yes, it’s a rough estimation, I get it. Even so, it seems pretty damn close to the actual abv with such a simple method.

I love it. :cheers:

Yah, I first noticed it on my last beer, which is big.
I calculates in at 11.1%, and my og was 1.101.