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Using Oak Chips

Purchased some oak chips and I’m having trouble deciding what type of beer to use them in…a IPA or maybe a malty beer? Just looking for some opinions from fellow homebrewers…


Done an IPA…Didn’t like it. Porter would be a good option. My most recent addition was in a split batch of Oud Bruin. I’ll let you know how that is in another year and a half.
Word to the wise…Unless you REALLY like oak flavor. Boil it in a quart of water for 10 min. and dispose of the water. Otherwise it’ll be way overpowering (IMO)
Also, letting it sit for a few months bottled or in secondary really balances it out.

My vote is for RIS.

Porter, Stout, RIS… I prefer darker beers with oak. I have had a couple IPA’s with oak, never been that impressed, I think it would be a tough balancing act.

thow em out and go get some cubes or staves. I have used chips a few time and very dissapointed in the results compared to cubes and staves

+1 to RIS

It might be worth buying a bottle of oaked arrogant bastard. personally i’m not a fan of oak and hops

Oaked Barleywine. Tried the new Sam Adams Griffin’s Bow over the weekend, was pretty impressed. I’d have never thought of it on my own, but its a really good beer.

I could maybe see them in a brown ale too. Really they wouldn’t be terribly out of place in any beer, after all beer was stored in casks until last century. Back then there really wasn’t anything that wasn’t oaked.

yep any beer will work, you just have to be carefull on what you use and how much and how long

I prefer dark higher ABV beers. I agree with the RIS, or a Barleywine

ipa can be good with oak I have made a few. The only issue with it is that ipa are usually best really fresh, Oak takes a good amount of time to mellow out and age with the beer so a lot of your ipa ummoh is gone

Just about anything sour benefits from oak IMO. Not a big fan of oaked hoppy beers either but I did really like the oaked arrogant bastard.

Thanks for the feedback…I think I’m going to go with a porter. I’ve tried a oaked ipa before and didn’t really like it that much. Too much going on in that beer…

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