Using Mr. Malty's calculator

Alright guys I need a bit of pitching rate guidance. I’m thinking of using Munich Lager II, which states a ferm temp of 52 to 62 F. As far as I’m concerned, this is pretty much ale territory. When comparing pitch rates on Mr Malty, would you figure this as a hybrid or lager type ferm?

I do understand I will lager this post ferm, but I won’t ferment at low to high 40’s as other lager strains. Would an ale type pitch rate work in this case?
The beer will be a maibock at 1.064 gravity.

At this temp to me it would seem excessive to pitch at the typical lager rate, which from what I understand is typically done to ensure proper fermentation due to such a low starting temp.

I almost always ferment at the bottom end of a yeasts recommended range (excluding certain saison or belgian yeasts), so I’d plan to ferment around 52F and use the lager calculation on Mr.Malty. Better to have too much yeast than not enough.