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Using liquid malt extract for starter...?

Got my Synchronicity Extraordinaire kit in the mail today and I’m planning on brewing tomorrow so I was going to do a yeast starter today. I have a stir plate, a 1000ml flask, foam stopper, yeast nutrient, but not DME. I have some priming sugar but I was planning on saving that for bottling/kegging. I was wondering if I could use some of the LME and/or honey from the kit to make my starter? If so, what’s the appropriate amount for a 500-750ml starter batch?

Also, I’ve read some mixed opinions on decanting starters…any reason why this specific kit should or should not have the starter decanted??


Honey and priming sugar don’t contain the same complex sugars that beer wort has, so when you use them in a starter, the yeast cells that are grown lose some capability to ferment complex sugars. Don’t use these (use honey if you’re making a mead starter) for beer yeast starters.

LME is about 80 as concentrated as DME, so instead of using 80g of DME for 800mL of starter, use 96g of LME.

Starters are generally made at warmer temps. Good for yeast growth, not for beer. I personally don’t like dumping subpar beer into epic brews.

I don’t know anything about that beer, but that’s a small starter.

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