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Using kits with specialty grains

My usual practice is to keep a saucepan of very warm water available to rinse out LME containers from kits. Today I used that water to sparge the grain bag after removing it from the wort by placing the bag in a large strainer over a stainless steel mixing bowl and pouring through the bag/strainer. I then used that liquid to rinse my LME container and poured all the goodness into my wort. No waste and no mess. Hope this helps someone.


Good technique. It would be shameful to waste what could end up in the finished product.

Do you do late extract addition with some of your brews. I have a no waste system when I do the late additions.

When I did extract, I always just used the wort to rinse the late extract addition LME container out. No extra rinse liquid, no waste left behind in the container.


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Dunked mine in the wort until clean…tongs help.

Here’s another technique that works for me. Half of both jugs in the picture were added at the beginning of the boil. Refilled the jugs with hot wort and stirred to dissolve. The late extract addition will go into the boil kettle with the last hop addition and Irish moss + yeast nutrient.

Different way of doing things to accomplish the same goal.

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