Using Isinglass in Mead

I want to add Isinglass to the mead but the instructions say to “stir thoroughly”. It’s in a carboy so it’s going to be pretty hard to stir thoroughly. Is it ok to just rock the carboy back and forth or will that cause a problem?

Sanitize a long glass rod, then insert it into the carboy and stir. If you don’t have a long glass rod, a plastic rod, racking cane, autosyphon, long plastic spoon or any similar tool will work fine. Just make sure you can sanitize it well - no wood.

Mix-stir. It will also come in handy for degassing.

I’m not much of a mead maker, but I had always heard stirring wasn’t necessary with isinglass or gelatin/bone finings? I’m also not a PhD in fluid dynamics, but won’t it diffuse throughout the carboy naturally? Or is that just with gelatin?