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Using Home grown hops

I know that typically it is recommended just to use homegrown hops for flavor and aroma but I was wondering if anyone has advice on doing single hop APA/IPA using homegrown hops. My brother and I picked his Columbus plant yesterday and we filled a 10 gal rubbermaid container. I have no doubt that it will be enough when dried to to a single hop. A quick search revealed using more crystal than normal to balance the columbus in the 12-15% range and I am fine with that. Just wondering what to do about the bittering.

I generally count on my homegrown Magnum hops to be somewhat less bitter than storebought. Although this year I let them hang longer and the bitterness is more similar than in the past. I would still bump that up by 50%. The worst thing that you can do is make am IPA that isn’t bitter enough, too bitter isn’t such a sin. If there is even such a thing.

I did an all-Zeus IPA last summer using homegrowns. Here’s what I did:

• 1 oz Zeus FWH
• 0.5 oz Zeus, 20 min
• 0.5 oz Zeus, 15 min
• 0.5 oz Zeus, 10 min
• 0.5 oz Zeus, 5 min
• 1.0 oz Zeus, 0 min
• 1.0 oz Zeus, dry hop

It was very Zeusy, but really not that bitter. More of an APA than the IPA I intended. Of course, it’s going to vary every year and be virtually unpredictable. I think if you wanted to go for all homegrowns, give it a shot and be prepared for something different than what you shoot for.

Alternatively, you could pick up an ounce or so of commercial Zeus for bittering, and go HG on the other additions. Whatever works, do it!

My Zeus smell super dank this year! Can’t wait to brew another batch of “Zeus Juice!” :cheers:

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