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Using gravity or a set time for fermenting

Do you all wait a certain time (calendar) before bottling/kegging or go ahead when your gravity checks stay steady? Obviously not including lagered beers and such.

I would never say that a beer should come out of primary or get packaged before it was done. I started brewing and had very little patience. After 12 years I know that I can leave a beer in primary for 3 weeks with no ill-effects so my strategy is to let the beer finish and the yeast drop before I move it to a secondary or a keg. The more you brew, the less it seems to matter that you leave a beer in primary for 3 weeks or more. Beer that has had the chance to ferment and drop relatively clear is the best beer. Cheers.

I have my FIRST 3 batches all in the primary right now… according to the instructions i was “supposed” to rack my wheaten beatdown to the secondary this past Sat and bottle this upcoming Sat, However… Its still not done with the primary fermentation… so i plan on letting it sit 3 weeks and then bottle it.Shoot i havent even taken a gravity reading i can still see it bubbling and the air lock is still active. My rye stout is still really active as well and it calls for bottling this up coming weekend as well… Nope ill let that one sit too. The Oktoberfest is the only one thats slowed down ( a little) but its clearing up nicely and I figure it would benefit to sit for a while longer than the others …

I was gonna use a calender but if you wanna make mother nature laugh try and plan something …

No hurry here with all the good beer I can buy at the store :slight_smile:

Be patient Cheers !!

I like to use several different parameters to make the call. The first is the airlock which usually indicates when the beer is nearing the finish, the second being the krausen or lack there of (when the krausen drops the beer is nearly done fermenting and probably conditioning), the third being the clarity of the beer (when the beer drops bright, it has finished fermenting) and lastly the gravity (when terminal gravity has been achieved the beer is ready for racking).

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