Using Fermcap when making a yeast starter

Has anyone used Fermcap from our host when making a yeast starter in a flask? Every time I make a yeast starter in my 2000ml flask I have a mess from boil over. I see where Fermcap will keep things under control from boil overs. Have you had success using this product? How much do you put in the flask? I was thinking about using Fermcap rather than boiling the starter in a large pot then sanitizing the stir bar and flask with Starsan before pitching the yeast.

Yes, since I don’t usually use a stir plate, but rather the shake method. It prevents the inevitable foam explosion very nicely.

Stop boiling in the flask. The shape is terrible for boil overs because of the tapered neck. It acts like a chute. Boil in pot, pour in flask, problem solved.


Fermcap works great in a flask. I only use 1 drop and it’s good to go. :cheers: