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Using fast pitch

Still a newbie so I still learning the ingredients and the processes.
I am getting ready to try the Black IPA recipe.
For this recipe Northern Brewer states “we recommend pitching multiple packs of yeast or preparing a yeast starter for best results”
I have a couple of cans of Fast Pitch, so here is my question;

Instead of adding extra yeast, can I just pour in a can of the fast pitch when I add the yeast from the kit?

You want to dilute the fast pitch according to the instructions, and create what is called a yeast starter. This grows the additional yeast cells needed to ferment a higher gravity beer.

Yes, dilute it first, but then just pour it in at the same time I add the dry yeast?

No… A day ahead of brew day… This is when fast pitch is a good tool… Sanitize a half gallon jug (milk carton) add the fast pitch, water and yeast… Use your sanitized hand to cover the opening. Now shake it!!! Take you hand off the opening, allowing O2 in and repeat… Do this about 6 times total… Then, put the cap on very loosely… You’re just keeping stuff from the air from falling into your “starter”… When you walk by, swirl it to get yeast into the solution… Always remember… Sanitizing is your best friend when handling yeast!!
Now, after you’ve brewed, cooled and taken your starting gravity, swirl the jug, dump a quarter of it into the wort… swirl again dump more…
Let us know how you did…

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Here’s a good place to learn more:

Thanks for the step by step instructions

Thank you

You’re welcome!

One more question Voltron.

Is one can of fast pitch & the yeast in the kit enough if I’m brewing 5 gallons?

Looks like this kit has a targeted original gravity of 1.075

Personally, I would use two diluted cans, and make a 2 liter starter. One diluted can (1 liter starter) will get you close though, and might just create a bit more esters from the yeast and fermentation. Not necessarily a bad thing, I just like a cleaner fermentation profile.

Are you able to ferment in the low to mid 60’s?

Thanks again. The gravity calculations part is the part I’m still learning.

No fermenting will probably be high 60s.

What yeast did you select?

Haven’t hit the purchase button yet. Is there one you recommend?

If you are referring to This Black IPA, this is an annual brew for me, my favorite of all the black IPA kits from our host. I brew it alongside my pumpkin beer for Halloween, and occasionally in early winter too. I only ever use one pack of US-05 and I don’t bother with a starter, has always turned out superbly for me. Personally, I only make starters with liquid yeasts.



I asked, because if you go with the dry yeast as @radagast has suggested - you won’t need a starter.

And I just now realized they include two packs of yeast with those kits (if you use the add on option). So with Fast Pitch, I’d only purchase one pack separately, and follow the “shaken not stirred” yeast starter method that @sneezles61 summarized above. If you use liquid yeast, that is.

OK, just to clarify.

If I use dry yeast, just stick with the instructions. No need make starter, as @radagast suggested

If I use liquid yeast, then use a fast pitch can to make a starter.

Correct. If using dry yeast making a starter depletes sterols and other nutrients that came packaged in the yeast. It actually can be detrimental.
If using liquid yeast you’d want to build the cell count by creating a starter.

Now, if using dry yeast and making a high OG beer, just use 2 packages as after the time you buy liquid yeast, DME or fast pitch, and the time to create it you’d be close if not better off purchasing 2 dry packets.

In fact, I only make starters when using a saved slurry.

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I have some cans of Fast Pitch, do they go bad?

IIRC the shelf live is 18 months.

Thank you!!

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