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Using Comb Honey

I’m literally minutes away from mashing in my honey wheat recipe, but needed a bit of help in regards to the honey I chose to use. I wanted to go with a local unmodified honey and I’ve done that, but I’ve cause myself a dilemma: what do I do with the comb? I was thinking of just pouring the whole thing in and just fishing the comb out after the wort has rinsed it of usable honey, or will the boil just destroy the comb and muck up my beer? I’m entering this batch in the NHC so I don’t want to ruin it, especially since I won’t have time to rebrew. Has anyone used comb honey before?

According to Wiki, honeycomb wax melts at 145F. I would just dip it in briefly, or better yet soak it in some warm water to recover all the honey and add that to the wort.

I’ve opted to use my stir spoon to briefly dunk it so it doesn’t melt, but in the future your idea seems a bit easier and less stressful. Thanks!

i use it after it has been spun…the in-laws spin and then put into mason jars for me

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