Using Cherry Puree

What is the best way to utilize Cherry Puree? Boil, Add to primary or add to secondary?

Don’t boil it. You can add it straight to either primary or secondary depending on what you’re going for.

I did a stout and added it to secondary. It was a long time ago, but I do remember there being some tartness to it. Maybe it would be best to have some unfermentables in there to give it some body and a touch of sweetness, like a cream stout.

Also, you will lose quite a bit to trub, so don’t expect much more than 4 gal unless you make up for it.

I brew a lot of fruit beers, I always add fruit puree to the secondary. I rack the beer on top the puree seem to work best. Once you rack on top try not to mix it up and just leave the fruit on bottom of the beer. This will help the clarity of your finished beer.

+1 to what Damien said. I racked my lambic over the puree in secondary. Not any mixing other than racking the beer on top. Left in secondary for a couple of months. Turned out awesome.



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Thanks to all, that helps me out.