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Using Beer bottles for BBQ sauce?


I am Smokee Dee of Smoke Dee’s real pit BBQ.

I have a question about the order I have placed with the site.

Is sealing a beer bottle with a capper, the same as Canning technique Purpus?

This isn’t a direct link to the professionals at Northern Brewer. It’s a forum that anyone can use. You should call Northern Brewer if you have a question about an order. 1-800-681-2739

I would recommend canning with Ball jars, though. Not beer bottles.

You need to follow the FDA recommendations on canning. The ph of the sauce will determine if you can do a water bath (like canning tomatoes) or if you need to pressure can them (like meats).

My suggestion would be to contact your local County Extension office for assistance.

So the short answer is no.

I would agree. Bottling doesn’t require heat transfer…

Thank you everyone,

You all saved me $83.41 order.

I will stick to mason jars, I was really hoping for a different anle on the sauce though :frowning:

Thanks again everyone…

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