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Using an induction hotplate?

I just bought a one burner induction hotplate and i’m wondering if anyone has any experience with one brewing beer. I need to find a 2 gallon minimum pot and maybe some advice on brewing with it.

I usually just brew a 5 gallon batch and use the True Brew kits that only require that I do my brewing with 1.5 gallons in a pot and then add water in the carboy to make the full 5 gallons. I’ve brewed a total of 6 kits now and every one has turned out good enough to drink to the last drop.

Does anyone use an induction cooker and what kind of success have you had?

I bought one and have used it several times. I only have one steel pot that will work, the metal has to be magnetic. Take a fridge magnet to the store and if it sticks to the pot you can use it. The one I use has a triple layer bottom.

Mine is something like 1500W Burton and it will pretty quickly boil 2gal but I’ve tried 5gal full boils and it really isn’t strong enough for that.

They are interesting little gadgets though.

Does anyone have any experience using an induction hot plate with a temp controller. If i disconnect power to the hot plate, it resets. Any ideas?

There is a big write up on using induction in the current issue of BYO. you should check it out.

Thanks for the heads up. His setup is very similar to mine. In the articles/postings I’ve read, nobody really uses temp control. It heats pretty slowly, it would be nice to hook up a temp controller and walk away, to come back to 150deg water after a while. Anyone using induction to steep grains?

You can have a thermowell welded into your MT and use a temp controller that way.

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