Using Aluminum POT?

Hey Everyone,

I bought a turkey fryer for thanksgiving. It worked great for frying the turkey then I thought. Huh, this is a 7.5 gallon pot, I wonder if it would work to use boiling wort? Or, is this just a bad idea resulting in aluminum tasting beer?I havn’t actually tried it yet. Has anyone else?

you’re fine brewing with aluminum alot of people do it. just make sure you get ALL of the grease out of it first.

I am new to this forum, but not new to brewing. been brewing for 5 years. I’ve have used aluminum
pots and stainless steel pots. I can not tell the difference between them as far as taste. Use what ever you want. :smiley:

just make sure to boil water in it first to cure it.

I think this will be nearly impossible with the porous aluminum, but good luck.

BTW, this is the reason I have never deep fried a turkey, didnt want to risk mt smaller batch aluminum brew pot.

+1, and don’t scrub it shiny when you clean it. You want that dull, oxydized layer that the aluminum naturally forms. If you fill it up with water & bring it to a hard boil for several minutes you’ll get a nice barrier & will only have to do it the one time before the first brew.

As said before aluminum is fine. Just don’t let it soak with PBW or OxyC. Too long and pitting will happen. Yes, I made a bad mistake. :wink:

But, since it has already had oil in it I suggest before using it for brewing, fill it to the top with hot tap water and let it sit for an hour or so and see if a shimmering layer of oil is at the top.
Myself I have always wondered if any type or amount of carryover oil could have an effect on head retention later. Also, I was given a used turkey fryer setup that had been used twice for deep frying, even after three boilings of water I (and others) could still detect a rancid oil smell. Just my experience…

God luck! Brew On

Keep the pot to use for frying. Get a new one to brew with. These are nice for the price

I just bought one of these. ... 1497.l2649

Nice quality, and a great price.

This is a super deal if you want to be able to put a ball valve on it … _1683.html they also have one with two couplings and they have 15 gallon ones if you want to do 10 gallon batches. They are SS too.