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Using a yeast cake on three beers?

I’m on a lager kick right now, and I’m planning to brew a 5 gallon batch (OG 1.046) in which I’m planning to pitch a ~3L starter of WY2042.

Once it’s done with primary fermentation, I’d like to use the yeast cake on three lagers with OG’s of: 1.046, 1.046, and 1.053 (brewed within days of racking the original beer for lagering).

Can one yeast cake be split 3-ways to sufficiently ferment these three beers? Or will I need more?

If it can’t do all three, would it be sufficient for just two of them?


If your yeast cake equals about 1 quart I would say use it in only 1 beer, lagers need a lot more yeast.

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