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Using a Stout Faucet on CO2

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find a forum for it.

Can I use a stout faucet on CO2? I was told it is a great way to serve, even without the nitrogen. Some searches I did mention run faucet at 35psi. If I have a 4 keg system and run it at 8-9 psi will it work? Do you think this is a good way to serve or should I go with a standard faucet or creamer faucet?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Cheers, Shadk

Right now we have one set up on a chocolate stout that used to be on nitro before the tank emptied. I don’t know if it’s the stout faucet that gives it a nice pour or remnants of the nitro (if that’s possible) but it still makes a nice pour.

What PSI do you run at?

I think what you would want to do is crank up the CO2 pressure when you’re pouring to whatever the pressure would be when using nitro. Then when you’re done pouring for the day purge the keg and turn the pressure back down to whatever your normal pressure is. That way you get the benefits of the stout faucet and your beer won’t get overcarb’d.

Thanks for the help.

Ours is set to normal serving pressure and it’s definitely not the same as having the nitro but it’s different from the regular taps. Maybe I should try switching it over to another beer to see if the exposer to nitro has anything to do with this.

I’ve heard there’s an effective syringe trick to mimic a nitro pour, using beer carbed to a normal level with co2 and poured from a co2 faucet:

Use a turkey baster syringe, draw in some beer then pump back into the glass (with the tip in the beer) and you’ll get an amazing thick head.

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