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Using a keg for secondary fermentation

Going to start conditioning my beer in the keg. Is there any reason to transfer to another keg after it’s conditioned. I plan on cold crashing after conditioning and then pouring off a bit till it’s clear then serving with co2. Would love some input. I’m only going to do this for Belgians and porters.

No real reason. I cold condition in kegs and never jump it to another keg.

Thanks Josh, that makes it simple. Do you get much crap off the bottom

Depends on how long you cold condition before you pull your first pint but usually for me a pint or so is yeasty. Then they’re clean. After 10 days or so on gas in the keg they drop really clear.

Also depends a lot on how long you give it to ferment prior to kegging. I generally have a 2-3 week minimum fermentation time on the cake then racked to the keg. I just racked a bitter off the cake that was brewed 10/27. I’ll give it a week to 10 days before I pull a pint. I expect the first pint will be pretty clear.

Short answer, there is usually no need to transfer.

I do a long primary, usually 3-4 weeks, then transfer into kegs. The beer is usually reasonably clear by the time it gets into the keg. I will leave it for at least a few week (both to carb and to settle some more) then run some beer through the tap to clear out the sediment around the pick-up tube. At that point its ready to serve. The only time I’ll transfer to a new keg would be if I’m going to bring the keg somewhere for serving. I’ll push transfer from the keg to a clean keg so I don’t get any sediment kicking up while transporting.

I plan on adding sugar and let it sit at 70deg in the keg after which I will chill again a few days to serve or cellar.


  1. If you want to move the keg. Sometimes I’ll bring a keg to a picnic or party, and by transferring off the sediment, you’ll be able to move a keg without clouding it up.

  2. To rack off of dry hops or other secondary ingredient (oak cubes, coffee beans). I don’t always do this, but when I use a massive load of dry hops (3-4 oz), after 2 weeks or so, I transfer to a new keg.

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