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Using a counter flow chiller

Someone gave me a counter flow chiller and I’m not sure if I want to use it. Any pros or cons. I’m fine with my IC

Pro: cools quicker
Con: takes a more detailed cleaning regiment

So instead of chilling I’ll be cleaning?

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That’s a good way to look at it. :slight_smile: It’s not difficult as all you need to do is recirculatie cleaner through it and then rinse it. But if you hate cleaning I would avoid one.

I just got to twisting one up from some copper I had. I haven’t put to use, yet it seems from whats written about them, they are faster. I haven’t heard of any problems from cleaning. I could see with the convoluted inner copper being a problem. Sneezles61

The cleaning and the clogging. Also I’ve been experimenting doing my hopstand at 180deg which is easy with the IC.

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My son in law built it for me and it’s a beauty. Copper in copper so I’ll have to use it. I’m thinking only for lagers though. There is a lot less hop mater and I am more concerned about chilling faster and colder. Ales not a big deal chilling with my IC.

If it’s an actual CFC and not a plate chiller you don’t need to worry as much about clogging it. One thing I like about my CFC is that I can whirlpool while chilling and can whirlpool while hopping by turning off the water and keeping a low flame on BK.

I use my CFC for all types of beer except for DIPA’s because of the sheer volume of the hop load. That and I have taken to whirlpool hopstanding for them and I find that’s easier to do with my IC. I do get the occasional clog but usually it’s at the very end of the kettle drain and it’s very easily cleared with the assistance of a bike pump. :joy: Color me lazy but all I have ever done to clean it out is to run sanitizer through it for about a minute then cap it full of sanitizer. I drain it after I drop my whirlfloc in at 5 mins left on boil. I’ve been using it for 3 years with no issues.


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