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Uses for mrbeer lme

A friend gave me 20 cans of mrbeer lme 5 octoberfest 5 Aztec 5 American light and 5 patorit lagers wondered if anyone had any ideas how to make use of them

You can always use them for making yeast starters! Or you can probably make some good quality partial mash beers with them. If the extracts are hopped then it might be a bit of a feat to figure out your IBUs. But other than that, just use them like the usual extract. Perfect for making yeast starters IMHO, if not for full batches of brew. That’s what I’d use them for.

You could also use them in a big beer to supplement the grain used. Throw a can or two in at 15 minutes to raise the gravity. It’s all fermentable! BTW, I love how the Mr. Beer “Octoberfest” uses yeast that is under the lid and requests a fermentation temperature in the upper 60s!

Not knowing when or where your friend got them, make sure the dates on the cans are not too old before using them. I used to use Mr. Beer and used an old can once and the “beer” was undrinkable. I wouldn’t use the yeast that came with them either. Maybe as nutrient?

So my friend has gave up on home brewing and gave me all of his equipment with the 20 cans of mrbeer. I was thinking maybe adding some wheat to the mrbeer octoberfest and maybe making a dunkel weizen of sorts. I have tried just the octoberfest and its not very good by mrbeer in my opinion. Yes I could us them for yeast starters. and for low gravity to get to target gravity. just unsure what to do with them all

A long time ago I was given a can of mrbeer stout extract. And I did exactly that in a RIS that turned out great.

Thank you all for the replies!!! I have my self tried the mrbeer kits. They are not that great and not that bad. could use some improvments . Sense my first post asking for ideas for uses for mrbeer kits I have used 3 cans of the Octoberfest added 1/2 pound crystal 60, 1/4 pound of chocolate malt and 1/2 pound of special B malt and 1 pound of breiss wheat dme. and 1/4 pound lactose for little sweetness did a 45 minute boil added 1/2 oz sazz for 45 minutes and other 1/2 15 minutes then flame out. I decided to use whitelabs yeast wlp300 hefeweizen ale yeast. This has turned out great dark like a stout little sweet with notes of toffee, coffee, chocolate. with hints of banana, clove.

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