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Used wine Barrels- where to find

Looking for a used wine barrel, 5 gallon. Have a 5 gallon whiskey barrel, but also looking for a wine barrel. My LHBS has whiskey, but can’t get wine, and having a hard time finding anything within a size range I am able to use.

Any one have suggestions as to where to look for used wine barrels?

Ask around at local winery’s. A lot of times if you explain what you are wanting it for they will sell you one or sometimes just give you one.

That’s going to be tough. 5 gallon barrels are just not commonly used for wine. If you live in wine country, there’s a chance, like @damian_winter said, but you’ll have to literally find a winery that is experimenting at small scales, and is ready to give up a barrel. It really is a long shot.

55-60 gallon barrels are fairly available, and you might be able to work something out with other local brewers to fill it. But it’s a lot of work.

I think I would get a fresh 5 gallon barrel, age a wine kit in it, and voila, 5 gallon wine barrel. I honestly think that would be your best shot at getting one.


Did see last night on tv most whisky brewers. Use their barrels only once. Than they do sell. Most of them go to scottland. So maybe get a barrel from them. Ok might be bitt bigger than what you look for

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