Use flask on electric stove top?

Does anyone know if the flask for the yeast starter can be heated on an electric stove or just gas stove? Somethings blow up on electric stove tops.

Use a pan to diffuse the heat.

I heat my Erlenmeyer on an electric stove, but I have one with the clear glass over the burner. Why would an electric be harder on them than gas, other than the fact that you can’t turn them off on a dime?

Electric burners can create hot spots that put more stress on the glass. It increases the chance of a break quite a bit.

I have a little wire “trivet” that came with a coffee syphon. It’s for when it’s being used on an electric stove; the idea is to lift the glass so that it’s not in direct contact with the heating element. I’m sure the same sort of thing could easily be made by just bending a piece of stainless steel wire in a zig-zag pattern.

Thanks for your your help I’ll try some of those.

get some fermcap. I’ve cleaned up way too much wort on my cooktop.

At least the pan serves double duty in that case and makes for an easy cleanup if you boil over.

A pan works as well as the cheap heat diffusers they sell at kitchen supply sections of many mass market stores. I think I paid $4 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

If you use your flask on a coil stove, it will fracture eventually, guaranteed. No prob with glass tops and other types. I have even had them fracture when never used on anything but gas flame as well, but after years of use. Better ones will last longer and I have stopped buying anything but Pyrex and Bomex as they have performed well for years.

Also, keep in mind that while they are rated for great heat ranges, they are not made to be taken off a stove a plunged into water immediately. That will also guarantee a short lifetime no matter what your buddy down at the bowling alley or hair salon told you :slight_smile: